Butterfly Bushes "Buddleia"
Butterfly bush is a deciduous to semi-evergreen shrub with a weeping form that can get 6-12 ft (1.8-3.7 m)
tall and have a spread of 4-15 ft (1.2-4.6 m). The flowers are irresistible to butterflies. They are borne in
long, 8-18 in (20-45.7 cm), cone-shaped clusters that droop in a profusion of color and stay abuzz with
winged, nectar-feeding insects from late spring until first frost in autumn. The flower clusters can be so
profuse that they cause the branches to arch even more. The flowers of many cultivars are sweetly
fragrant. I like to sometimes plant multiple colors together.  One of my all time favorite plants!
I have centered the photograph below of a mature
Butterfly Bush because the other photo's you will see
will mostly show the flowers and there colors only.
Buddleia "Black Knight"
Beautifull deep Purple!
Buddleia "Pink Delight"
Great light pink color!
Buddleia "Empire Blue"
A true blue flower
Buddleia "Empire Blue"
A true blue flower
Buddleia "Bicolor"
You can't beat this color combination!
Buddleia "Peacock Pink"
Buddleia "Adonis Blue"
A bright blue
Buddleia "Purple Emperor"
A deep rich purple
Buddleia "Alternifolia"
silvery foliage that covers itself with
fragrant lavender-blue flowers in early
summer. Does not bloom as long as
mosy Buddleia's, but is a graet specimen!
Buddleia "Honeycomb"
A bright summer yellow
Buddleia "White Profusion"
A bright clean white
Buddleia "d. Lochinch"
Beautifull Lavender flowers with
orange centers!